HHG Tokens

Use these Tokens to buy loads of Cosmetic Customizations at the Server! There are more than 500 customizations to unlock! Up to and including:

  • Treasure Hunter: Use your Tokens to craft treasures which let you to unlock exclusive rewards!
  • Gadgets: Use these fun gadgets to maximize your experience at the Server! From exploding creepers and rockets, to disco balls and DJ platforms! The possibilities are endless!
  • Pets: Summon a loyal and cute companion that will follow you through the Server! There are more than 40 pets to unlock! Gotta catch them all!
  • Mounts: Ride a magical block-transforming mount today! Flying mounts, steeds that summon minions, mighty dragons, The Nyan Cat itself, and more!
  • Emotes: Express yourself! Show the world how you're feeling with these unique and animated Emotes & Gestures!
  • Hats & Wardrobe: Wear these fashion hats and clothes and show your ultimate swag to the players! There are tons of hats and clothes to choose from, including animated ones!
  • And More!
1000 HHG Tokens
0.99 0.40 USD
5500 HHG Tokens
4.99 2.00 USD
12000 HHG Tokens
9.99 4.00 USD
25000 HHG Tokens
19.99 8.00 USD
52000 HHG Tokens
39.99 16.00 USD
200000 HHG Tokens
99.99 40.00 USD